All enrolments are handled by the City of Monash. Please visit the Monash Council website to complete an online enrolment form via the Parent Portal

If you have only enrolled in 3-year- old preschool you will need to apply before June 30th to ensure a place in the 4-year- old program for the next year. It is a requirement of the council that we accept all Monash Residents before non-residents. (See our Enrolment Policy for selection Criteria thereafter).

You are welcome to come and see our centre but we ask that you call and arrange a time so staff are free to show you all that we have to offer.  Due to the high Covid and Flu season, we currently require tours to be after the children have left the centre for the day (between 2.30pm-4p.m Mon, Tues, Thursday). If you need to attend at another time you will not be able to enter the building just observe through our large windows.

Letters of Offer

Letters offering families a place at our Preschool are posted in early August in the year prior to attending.

Age Requirements

In compliance with Government regulations and our enrolment policy, children attending 3-4 year old preschool must be 3 years of age by 30th April of the year they are attending and can only commence after their third birthday.  Educators will organise an orientation session prior to the child starting sessions. The child needs to attend this session accompanied by a parent/guardian.


Child Safety is our highest priority and central to everything we do.