About Us

About Us

At Highvale Preschool we understand that choosing the right preschool for your child is a big decision. We would like to make that decision a little easier by showing you and your child our innovative programs for three and four year olds, our wide range of resources and our delightful garden setting. Our goal at Highvale is to create a positive start to your child's education. The preschool year is a time of incredible growth and development in a child's life. At Highvale we aim to assist and encourage this natural potential in all areas of development.

The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework has been developed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. This Framework identifies five Outcomes for all children from birth to eight years. Within the preschool setting we will be covering and assisting your child to meet these outcomes.

Throughout the year the teacher offers a wide variety of structured and unstructured learning experiences for your child. The program starts off at a basic level and gradually increases in complexity as the children's skills develop. Preschool focuses on acquiring many new skills through the use of play and experimental learning. Through careful observation of each individual child and the group as a whole, the teacher plans a developmentally appropriate program based on the children's needs and interests.

Highvale Preschool is located in a quiet suburban street. We have a large well planned playground area that includes climbing equipment, sand and swing areas as well as a purpose built bicycle track and vegetable garden. It is well shaded and meets current safety standards.

We are a member of the SunSmart Early Childhood Program ensuring children and staff have a healthy UV exposure balance to minimize the risk of skin and eye damage and skin cancer and help with vitamin D.

Inside you will find a bright, well maintained playroom, with wet areas for art/craft activities excellent resources for the children as well as good heating and cooling facilities.

Applications for Enrolment forms can be obtained from the City of Monash. Each enrolment application must be submitted with the required fee, directly to the City of Monash Council.


Child Safety is our highest priority and central to everything we do.