Our Staff

Staff Members

The Teachers and Educators are responsible for planning and implementing an appropriate educational program and for the welfare of the children in the centre and for the day to day running of the Preschool. The Educators have non-contact sessions during the week. ie. this is the time when your child is not at the preschool.

During these sessions the Teachers and Educators prepares materials, plans the program, updates written records, attends meetings and carries out many other duties needed to coordinate the centre. The Educators also present written reports to the management committee at the monthly meetings. Teachers attend regular regional Educators meetings throughout the year and conferences relating to preschool education.

Tracy Yap

3 Year old Educator

Karen Chadwick

4 Year old Teacher
Educational Leader

Pam Atkinson

Admin Officer

Kris Lord

4 Year old Educator

Rebecca Liakopoulos

3 Year old Educator

Marta Kocsis

4 Year old Educator

Les Kocsis

4 Year old Educator

Christina Hu

3 Year old Teacher


Child Safety is our highest priority and central to everything we do.