Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has been inspired and guided by The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia - Belonging, Being and Becoming 2009

Belonging - acknowledges children's interdependence with others (family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider community) and the basis of relationships in defining identities. Being - recognises the importance of the here and now in children's lives. Becoming - reflects the process of rapid and significant change that occurs in the early years.

In respect to children:

The safety and wellbeing of children will always be our first priority; it is fundamental to their ability to learn and develop We support and respect all children and uphold the rights of all children to feel and be safe at all times. Develop the child's sense of Being and Belonging by positive interaction with children and listening to the children's voice, so they feel safe, secure and supported That children learn best through play based experiences in which they can explore, investigate, experiment and participate in shaping their learning in an open-ended environment We support childrento make decisions that directly relate to their learning We respect children as competent, capable and active participants in their learning Children will be encouraged to develop a sense of respect for each other as unique individuals, the community, the diversity of cultures and the environment in which we live We will encourage children to engage in sustainable practices such as nude food, composting, reuse and recycling.  We encourage a healthy lifestyle through our healthy food, cooking and physical activity programs.

In respect to families:

The role of the family is paramount in a child's development We encourage and value the importance and involvement of the family in the learning process Families come from a diverse range of cultures with differing practices, values and beliefs and these are to be respected and honoured by the preschool, educators and program We are committed to ensuring all families understand that child safety is everyone's responsibility Encourage family participation in our sustainable practices

In respect to staff:

We will ensure that our practices and ideas are excellent, current and up to date through regular self-reflection, learning and ongoing professional development. Have open communication and be responsive to colleagues' ideas and needs Reflect on sustainable practices and incorporate them into our whole of centre thinking

In respect to program:

The main emphasis of our program is to encourage self-esteem and develop social skills in a relaxed, fun and nurturing environment. We will reflect the needs of the 'whole' child. We will provide a play-based, Reggio Emilia inspired program that is developmentally and age appropriate and that develops and extends (scaffolding) the children's individual needs, strengths and interests Open-ended experiences will be presented to the children.This will encourage the children's creativity and imagination and present opportunities for discussion and learning Embed sustainable practices into our program including opportunities for teaching sustainable practices The program will respect and be inclusive for all children. It will endeavour to reflect the cultural diversity of our preschool community We create child safe and child friendly environments where children feel safe

We believe:

The children will benefit best when educators and families work together cooperatively with a respect for each other's knowledge and expertise. This partnership is not only crucial to the development of each child's sense of worth, well-being and security, but also to the sense of community and belonging. We are committed to providing and promoting safe environments for all children. We believe that ongoing sustainable practices are essential for our preschool and the wider community.